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Aloha kākou,


It is impossible to open your mailbox, unfold your newspaper, turn on your television or stream your favorite YouTube content without seeing the smear campaign being waged against me by the Carpenters Union Super PAC Be Change Now.


I appreciate all of the support from individuals and organizations who are rising up to say NO to buying elections, but it’s a hard fight when the other side has spent nearly $4 million. Think about that.  Nearly $4 million. And at least $2.4 million of that is targeted at influencing our one race.


Here’s what Be Change Now has spent to influence the Lieutenant Governor's race as of July 31:

  • $2.1 million to support Ikaika Anderson.

  • $322,000 on attack ads falsely impugning my integrity. 


This is happening to me because I refused to make permanent the general excise tax on Oʻahu's residents to pay for rail.  And now I’m being punished for doing what I believed was in the best interest of the people.

Ikaika Anderson has only raised $264,000 this election cycle.

Be Change Now has spent 8 times more to support Anderson than he’s raised on his own.

This is buying votes, pure and simple. It is an affront to our democracy and an insult to every voter capable of making their own decisions based on truth.

But we have the power to stop this.  It is the person-to-person outreach that will make the difference.

Please help. 

Take a moment to share the link below with others in your network who are also discerning and thoughtful voters. 

Please do not forget to vote. And please place your checkmark next to “LUKE” for Lieutenant Governor!



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