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HSTA Recommends Sylvia Luke for lieutenant governor

Sylvia Luke stands at a podium with HSTA President Osa Tui in front of members of the Hawai'i State Teachers Association.
Sylvia Luke with Hawaii State Teachers Association President Osa Tui and members of the HSTA. Image courtesy of Friends of Sylvia Luke

“Sylvia has always supported public schools just as they supported her. Her priorities include looking to take care of our youngest keiki, making sure school facility funds actually get used and don’t go to waste, and ensuring the wellbeing of our teachers, especially with the need for affordable teacher housing. Sylvia is a go-getter who puts her mind to things and gets them done.

Whether it’s calling out other elected leaders or holding state department heads' feet to the fire, she is constantly trying to make government more streamlined, responsive, and accountable to the needs of the people of Hawaii." -- HSTA President Osa Tui Jr.

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