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Sylvia Luke understands the right lieutenant governor should a partner with the governor, a link to the legislature, and a channel for our communities.

About Sylvia Luke

SYLVIA LUKE an immigrant’s tale

Sylvia Jung (Chang) Luke was born in 1967 in South Korea.
As with so many of Hawai‘i’s immigrants, Yun Hoo (Paul) and Yun Ja Chang sought better opportunities for themselves and their children. So in 1977 the Changs moved their young family to Honolulu. They chose an American name for their eldest that echoed her given Korean name. Eun, whose name meant “silver” in Korean, became known as Sylvia. Sylvia’s younger brother was known as Joseph and the baby of the family became known as Grace.

More about Sylvia Luke

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Why run for LG?

"...these are bills and laws that we already implemented.  One thing we do need is just get it done."

Logan Introduces his Mom

"My name is Logan Luke... I'm Mike and Sylvia Luke's son.  For all my life my mom has been working in public service."

An Immigrant's Story

"I didn’t know a single word of english, and my dad spent the whole summer posting letters around our apartment."


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The Five Pillars

Sylvia’s vision for a better future for Hawai`i is based on five key values.  These pillars are the foundation for her plan to build a better and stronger state.  Hawai`i needs and deserves a more effective and resilient state government – one that provides for our residents’ immediate needs and builds the foundation for a better future. 


Our statewide median housing price is over $900,000 – unattainable for many of our kama’āina.  Hawai`i has one of the lowest percentages of homeownership in all the nation.  This must change.  We need more affordable housing – for working families and young residents looking to secure a home and their future here in the islands. Sylvia supported millions of dollars of state investment into more affordable housing. And she is committed to seeing more production of affordable inventory.

Hawai’iʻs unique statewide educational system was intended to make sure that all of our keiki, regardless of background or affluence, have equal access to K-12 education. Creating true educational equity requires a much broader systemic approach, including universal access to preschool, teacher retention initiatives, and college scholarship support.  Sylvia has a strong record pushing for these initiatives and as Lieutenant Governor will fight for more educational access and support.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of remote communication.  We need it to stay connected - for work, for our children’s education, for telehealth doctor visits, for staying in touch with family.  But, rural and remote areas are less served. There are limited options to choose from with virtually no competition.  We must boost availability of broadband access as this service will only become more critical and integrated into our daily lives.

Hawai`i is one of the most beautiful places on earth – but we must never stop protecting and preserving our natural resources.  The issues of climate change are upon us, and the state must be prepared to face rising sea levels, must build a more resilient economy and plan for our people’s food security.  Consolidating responding agencies and establishing a management and fee structure for natural resource protection are important foundational steps.

Controlling the Cost of Living

Hawai`i is one of the most expensive places to live – and it’s only getting harder with rising inflation.  Sylvia was known as a budget hawk - watching how our tax dollars got spent, and avoiding any broad-based tax increases.  She’s advocated for increasing the minimum wage and reducing government’s burden on working families and those living paycheck to paycheck. She will continue to fight for those across our state who are struggling to make ends meet because she understands the obstacles these families and individuals in our communities face.

“As your next Lieutenant Governor, I plan to implement the laws that form a springboard  for a better quality of life for us all.”


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